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Let’s Rethink This

I am one of hundred of thousands of people who watched the popular YouTube video of Barack Obama dancing on the Ellen Degeneres Show. It’s a charming clip of him dancing to Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love”. At the time he was barely on my radar. My sister was reading his book and my brother had his campaign signs up in his yard. It was this video that prompted my attention to him and his campaign.

This isn’t the first time YouTube stepped up Obama’s entertainment-driven campaign. After the New Hampshire primaries, as I blogged about earlier, Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas produced a music video “Yes We Can” based off of Obama’s speech there and since it was posted on Youtube 3 weeks ago, it’s had almost 5 million hits.

Last week, though, on an episode of HardBall, the host, Chris Matthews, was interviewing Texas State Senator Kirk Watson about his recent endorsement of Obama. The segment was a duel interview with a Clinton endorser also being questioned about several aspects of her candidate of choice. Matthews asked Senator Watson to list off the legislative accomplishments of Barack Obama and Watson said he could not name specific accomplishments. When asked if he could name any, he again was speechless and in this painful clip, he is seen grasping for straws.

Once again, I’m puzzled to see whether these endorsements can help or in this case harm a candidate and perhaps cost them a primary on March 4th.

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