Monthly Archives: February 2013

“I tried to control the internet and it worked.” Said no one. Ever.


I, like many of you, my mind was blown watching Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show. I was just in aw of the dancing, the hair flips, her amazing costume – it was an incredible performance. We all thought so – everyone I watched with agreed it was the best half time show in years.

On a related note, aren’t Mondays awful? I bet Beyonce’s publicist sure thought so the morning after the Super Bowl. Just doing her job, asking a pesky blog to remove unflattering stills of the jaw-dropping performance the day before. And wouldn’t you know it – the Internet got annoyed at her attempt to censor it, and bit back. Big time.

Don’t try to control the internet.

What could have been the stuff of halftime show legend, is now comic book legend. I mean, really great that champion body-builder Beyonce can share her other talents, like singing. And hair flipping.

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