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The Remote-Working Diaries: On working from home (or wherever)

While I’m back at LaunchSquad, I still am based out of Portland – which, more often than not, means working from my living room (or kitchen, or on particularly lazy mornings, my bed). Seemed like the ultimate office situation for me who, even with my best effort, always managed to get to the office 30 minutes later than I meant to. Now I can get to work right away, and still sleep till a reasonable time! That’s the dream, right?

Honestly, it’s been pretty great. It’s flexible – I can run to the store if I need to (as long as I don’t have a call I need to be on), and I can work at any place that has wifi, as long as I have my laptop. Also, the company supports me completely, and that extends to my account teams, who make the extra effort to make sure I’m looped in. Plus, technology these days totally facilitates remote working – the ability to make free calls from Google keeps phone bills down. We’ve used Yammer, and now Tibbr (client) to share information (interesting links, media contact info, talk about trends, etc.) between offices and it’s been great for unifying the company.

Further, we just started using Skype for our weekly company meetings. That has been… an adjustment. I’m not used to people seeing me during the workday.


Top-left is the SF office, top-right is New York, and bottom-center is Boston. That’s me on the bottom left. I look thrilled, right? But at least my hair looks semi-combed. Babysteps, people. Babysteps.

It’s odd, but though I’ve been doing this since August, it’s still challenging sometimes. I haven’t quite found the knack, and I still need to focus on being focused. Turns out there’s something oddly motivating about the morning ritual of getting dressed, and ready to do work. Maybe it’s that working from sweats is just demotivating.

That said, you adjust and do as much as you can. For me, it was all about breakfast. I needed to make coffee, and have a good breakfast before I could really dig in. Plus, that’s just good to do anyway, and it wasn’t always a priority when I had an office to get to. The next step was getting semi-dressed (jeans, non-sleep shirt), then productivity goals (pitch five people before 9AM (PT, of course)).

Well… my current office (Starbucks, which, by the way, has awesome, awesome, free internet. Always reliable.) is getting super crowded and loud, so I’m going to log off. Until next time…