Monthly Archives: September 2010

Peace out, SF

I’d like to think I’ve been saving this post, waiting until I’d had the full experience required to really synthesize it for you. But the truth is, like a bald-faced confession, it’s just a tough thing to spit out.

I recently switched jobs.

Phew, you might be thinking, that actually looked quite easy to say. And, really, many of you who read this knew that anyway. But not many of you know the ensuing story of that announcement that halted my drafting and publishing of this post. You see, you can’t just switch jobs. In looking for a job (while still employed), there’s a dance and a game you end up playing and when reality sets in (when you get the job, that is) there’s an admittance to your current employer that you’re no longer happy in the position or workplace in which you’ve been, well, working.

In my case, that was not the problem. I loved my job. I am lucky, as I’ve stated many times on this blog, to have worked at LaunchSquad and to have loved every minute. It was a fantastic two years filled with growing pains and growth spurts, of trials and triumphs. Yes, I loved working. And that was the problem.

In a prior post, I defended my San Francisco workaholic lifestyle as a necessary evil in the development of this young professional. And while I still believe that to be true, I think I used work as a distraction from what I was missing. Home, friends and family. Top it off with day-to-day life in a city that didn’t fit.

Maybe those aren’t good enough reasons, but they were good enough for me. So I put my ear to the ground — and enlisted help here and there — to come back to Oregon.

I sent out resumes and cover letters to positions that seemed worth it. Even to some that didn’t. I felt like a college senior all over again: “My experience translates across industries…” Finally, the interviews came. I talked with so many companies in so many industries, half determined, half guilty for not allowing myself to just be in San Francisco, half dreading (for good reason) leaving my company, coworkers and clients (amazing all around).

Finally, in a strange plot twist (if you consider the current economy), I landed two consecutive interviews in Portland at two very astute companies. One offered me a job on the spot — the other made me work a little harder, but eventually offered the job. I accepted the latter offer on July 29th. And three weeks later, moved into a brand new Portland apartment and started a brand new job — in a brand new industry.

SUCCESS! I now have content for this blog!

My work no longer involves fantastic technology companies, but now, ladies and gents, I’m working with fantastic food companies at Maxwell PR. What an incredible and daunting road lies before me in my professional development. And since I’m sure you’re positively on-the-edge-of-your-seat with anticipation, I cannot wait to take you on this new adventure.