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Cinematic Savvy: The Dark Knight

The Cinematic Savvy series is designed to explore themes and ideas from certain films. Inspiration can be drawn from characters, their quotes, their circumstances, historical approaches depicted – it’s my blog, I’ll take it where I get it. I love film and I love PR. Let’s see how they influence me.

Come on. You knew it was coming. This blog started out with a post about Batman so why shouldn’t the franchise be included in the “Cinematic Savvy” series?

Now, this was an incredibly delicate situation. Heath Ledger was already inspiring much anticipation for the film before his death. Reports of his extensive and seemingly obsessive preparation for the role were rampant. His death only heightened that anticipation, enlarging and redefining the audience to movie-goers who might not be interested in the story, but would absolutely go to see the actor’s last film.

In my first post, Saving Face, I addressed the question of how publicity for the Dark Knight should continue, giving the film the publicity and energy it needed while still respecting the actors death for what it was, a death and not an opportunity on which to capitalize.

PRWeek, in an effort to not only answer that original question, took it a step further and asked what the result was. In an article asking whether or not the publicity campaign for the Dark Knight was a hit or miss, called it a hit attributing its success to the ‘posthumous Oscar debate’ which ultimately drove attention to the dead actor and his performance rather than to the overall genius of the film all the while driving massive profit.

Another lesson in reputation management, crisis management and ethics all at the same time for this PR novice.

Savvy in San Francisco

Well, this thing proved useful. I’m now at LaunchSquad in San Francisco because they thought I was very “forward-thinking”, “heavily-invested” and “visible” as far as social and new media. Sa-weet.

I love it. I love it all.

OK – Honestly, it’s super weird just uprooting myself so quickly and so completely. Holy Moses! I have been removed.

My friend Corina and I in - I think it's Russian Hill - January 08

My friend Corina and I in - I think it's Russian Hill - January 08

My first week is almost over and have been placed on very active accounts. The tech culture here is ridiculous and I’m falling in love with it. I love being totally immersed in all that I studied in my PR classes and finally getting to use what I learned toward a greater goal.

Expect a new understanding and level of gosh-darn competence.


UPDATE: Here is LaunchSquad.