I hate to be so choosy.

Since being turned on to Twitter and del.icio.us, I have weekly bouts of social media lust and today I have been frantically and rabidly building my web 2.0 application and social media empire. This particular quest began with a realization that, when faced with impending internship interview with Paull Young this week, I do not want to be caught off guard like I was for my first interview where I ended up fumbling through my experience with social media and why I like it. And stuff.

So, I began my research… I googled “Social Media” and found an entire wikipedia article. From there I found out about Pownce and from joining Pownce, I found about ten other applications that I wanted to join. But first, I had to update all of the others I’d joined from my last social media feeding frenzy – Technorati, LinkedIn, Stumble-Upon, etc. Once those were covered, I joined Twitxr and was about to join Jaiku. But come on, people. How many of these things can I have an actual PRESENCE on?! I’m a full-time college student with an internship and a job. My life cannot be devoted to social media. Yet.

So I have to be choosy. Not only choosy, but deliberate. For now, until I have a lifestyle that is mass social-media friendly, I must choose media that are quick, easy and painless and will let me join the conversation enough to be heard. I hate to be choosy, but in order to stay afloat in the the Web 2.0 sea, I have to trim some of the fat.

The remarkable thing is that, even with a lean arsenal of applications, I still am proactively engaged in nearly 20 social media networks. And this has to be true for other social media users, both organizational and business. There simply isn’t enough time or man power to enlist all of the networks and applications that would benefit your cause. In the same breath, it must be noted that not all of the flashy or “obvious” media will prove to be a positive promotional tool. For example, Facebook probably wouldn’t work for a toy company because young children aren’t on it.

So I’m learning, be choosy, be deliberate with your social media. It needs to be something that boosts your interests or the interests of your business or organization, rather than a hindrance to the efforts that really matter – in my case, school.


5 responses to “I hate to be so choosy.

  1. at least until the so-called data portability concept actually gets put into place. Right now? I post to Twitter and Pownce. Both have their merits, but Twitter has a hook into the Facebook API and will update my status at the same time. yay! I can take a photo with my iPhone, email it to Facebook Mobile and Flickr Mobile, and then go to my Flickr mobile page from the phone, and photoblog from there, which is a plus. Then, I can use either Picknik.com or Photoshopexpress.com to edit my photos directly from Flickr and Facebook without having to copy them down, edit, save, reupload, delete old, etc. nice! I use Plaxo to sync my Outlook with the Plaxo website, which also syncs to my wife’s computer, and Outlook syncs with my iPhone. Or conversely, I can make an appointment in my phone, sync with Outlook, which syncs with Plaxo which syncs with Outlook at home. in less than 30 seconds, I have cross platform contact/calendar sync. Plus if i ever lose my phone, i just have to sync again and it’s all back. That’s power, baby! But yes, it could be better. I await the day when I post to my blog, and it crossposts to Livejournal, my blog and Facebook notes at the same time. The day when I can microblog and it crossposts to Twitter, Pownce and whatever microblogging tech is popular. Or better yet, the phone of the future which will let me record audio or video, and live upload and post it to my blog immediately.

    If you aren’t already to Web 2.0’d, you should check out http://www.chirp.com/, twittervision.com, http://www.justin.tv/ (lifeblogging anyone?) There are more, but my brain hurts, as i’m sure yours does.

  2. my reply was almost as long as your original post. sad.

  3. Man, I hate to not really add anything to this “conversation,” but this is an awesome post, Megan!! I loved it and just had to tell you! Great work and again, congratulations on your internship!!! I wish it were me! =)

  4. How are you prioritizing which ones to choose? I totally hear you. I think I’m a traitor to my generation in that I don’t know social media as well as most 21-year-old PR people. I’m having a hard time keeping up yet prioritizing.

  5. So many places to converse so little time. I really like FriendFeed for aggregating everything I’ve got out there and I seriously mean EVERYTHING.

    I just recently got an invite to Ping.fm which let’s you update most of your feeds (Pownce, Twitter, Facebook status, etc.) directly from one interface. Sure it’s cool, but I’m not a big fan of cross posting an echo of the same chatter everywhere. As much as I like Pownce for its file sharing capabilities and FriendFeed for its ability to embed media – I’m going to stick with Twitter for now. It’s where I have the best conversations and the least amount of noise.

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