Job-Search Saga: Resume? CV? – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.

A recent guest post on PRos in Training discussed the idea of the spiritual resume – a documentation of relational and emotional achievements or skills drawn from professional experiences, rather than technical skills learned as with your traditional resume. This is something I have not tackled yet.

I did, though, as of yesterday tailor and rework my resume to send to submit it to several internship locations, most notably, Hill and Knowlton in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Brussels and Paris. You should know that the last three locations were chosen by the mere fact that it would be AMAZING to actually get an internship in one of these cities. I wish, in applying for these internships I had the confidence of a person who has worked at several minimum-wage jobs since the age of 16 and with a college education who is about to apply at McDonalds. But we’ll see, right? This is, after all, only Chapter 1.

One problem I faced, though, in applying internationally, is the subject of the CV – or Curriculum Vitae – versus my resume. Quite honestly, reworking my resume into a CV wasn’t that big of a deal, I just had to include a section that told my nationality and languages known (conversational Spanish and French) as well as my gender. The problem was, however, as I looked over the past 6 years of my life, I wondered just how, with this one document I could manage to sell myself to an international job market.

It’s a daunting thought. But to be prepared, I’d advise making up a CV for the sake of it to anyone who’s job-hunting and perhaps looking overseas. It’s super easy and could very well come in handy.

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