Does The NYT Hate Giuliani? And If So, Does It Matter?

Along the campaign trail, “America’s Governor”, Rudy Guiliani has endured some hits from the New York Times. Much of what is published seems mean-spirited. The “Times” has been accused of being leftist and Guiliani is, afterall, a GOP candidate. However, they snubbed him in their candidate endorsements, favoring Arizona Senator, John McCain instead as well as Hilary Clinton over Barak Obama.In May of last year, the NYT published a story that remarks on Guiliani’s image evolution, saying that his tough exterior we knew from his New York Governorship days has remolded into a cheerful demeanor. Online news service, the Gothamist, has also seemed to notice the NYT’s dislike of the potential Guiliani presidency. In a story posted on January 25th, cites a Times story in which they said Giuliani’s arrogance and bad judgement “breathtaking”. The Times article also accused the former governor of turning “the horror of 9/11 into a lucrative business”. Whether these accusations and criticisms are true or not, the Gothamist’s article asserts that these “attacks” from the NYT only make the presidential candidate look more sympathetic. Not that it helped him out that much. He dropped out of the race before Super Tuesday.A recent article at PR goes into the time-honored tradition of campaign endorsements and how they have become political powerhouses when it election day comes. The article discusses union and newspaper endorsements and the featured image shows Barak Obama with Ted Kennedy and Carolyn Kennedy in the background, referencing their recent endorsements of his campaign. The author of the article, Marc Longpre, said that from a communications stand-point, endorsements make a huge difference as far as how voters are reached.According to this article, the answer to the second question in the title of this post is: YES. With high-profile political nods, for instance, a union endorsement, a campaign is able to reach a large number of voters affiliated with the union and they are also able to count on the union as a huge source of word-of-mouth campaigning.From a communications standpoint, it absolutely mattered whether or not a juggernaut medium like The New York Times favored their state’s former governor or not. Especially as a mass media tool, they can announce their endorsement and then publish story after story and op-ed after op-ed proving their point. How was Giuliani, who, in truth, didn’t have much else besides the “America’s Governor” thing going for him, supposed to hurdle that publicity blow?

*Photo courtesy of FullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog


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